By Hazel Boone


To Northwestern Technologies staff and employees; our company, as your marketing adviser, I would be  amiss if  I did not include some of the down sides of Social Media as part of our marketing plans for you company.

There are concerns for the employees as a whole; within this blog/notice you find a case study followed by in depth research that relates to employees and Social Media addiction. After reading this share you may consider doing a poll within the company to see if the problem exists within.

Please read the given case study along with all research items and respond after you are done. All comments will be welcomed.

 CASE STUDY (Anonymous Subject)

I logged into my Social Media account at approximately 3:45 a.m.; the house was quiet like I like it, the dog was asleep as were the grand twins.

When I became aware of myself my day was almost done, I remembered taking a break around 7:30 to drive the twins to school, I was back home by 8:17, I never bothered to log out so I picked up where I left off 47 minutes prior to my sitting down again to resume my social media experience.

I had a wonderful media engagement, talking about all types of wonderful topics, some business, some nonchalantly too casual, none the less when I came to my self it was a day well spent, but spent how? I looked around my home, the laundry was still on the floor of the washroom sorted but unwashed, no floors were mopped, I noticed the neighbors garbage container had been emptied and still at the curb, mine never made it from its usual spot outside the garage, my post person had run and my letters to be mailed were still on my desk resting in the out box.

I looked at the clock, I had about 15 minutes to make it to the school to pick up the twins, usually the drive is about 20 minutes, I was still in my pajamas, and the same ones I wore to drop them off earlier that day.

I noticed the dog’s food was still in his bowl and thought how unusual it was, then noticing I forgot to let him out of his kennel all day, thankfully he had an automatic water bottle and some of his treats from the night before.

I had forgotten to take out the chicken intended for dinner; it was still very much frozen. When I finally slipped some jeans over my pajamas and called the school to inform them I was running a bit late, I stepped outside the garage entrance and found it had been raining, I also found a package by the door that had gotten wet, I couldn’t recall hearing a doorbell during my Social media involvement, there was also a note obviously left sometimes during the day by a well-known religious group, how did I not hear the door bell, I’d better get that bell checked I thought to myself.

My mind was racing no dinner was on the horizon, I was going to be late getting my grandsons,  yet I was in awe over the time I had spent involved in Social Media.

Driving along to the school, realization hit me, I am a Social Media Addict, “OK” I said to myself, and “now that you have admitted it what are you going to do about it”?

I wondered what my fate would have been if I was still in the work force, Social Media was part of my job description and I had to engage in Social Media for a portion of my work period; I asked myself, “would I get carried away there as well”?

I knew I was doing something I liked, the question is did I love it so much I’d let it take over my life?, that nothing else mattered, did I need to seek professional help?, is there a Doctor to cover Social Media Addiction?

Well I took to the Internet to find out who was like me, and if so had studies been done for cases like mine.

This is a portion of what I found:

In an article called “Is Social Networking Killing You”? by Robert Mackey  article written in Feb. 2009 and was posted by The New York Times October 5, 2013, saying; it has been suggested by a couple of British scientist  that engaging in Social Media all day and  into much of the night is bad news for the body and brain. (Mackey, 2009)

(7 News :  Doctor treating ‘social media addiction’)

Dr. Susan Greenfield a Pharmacology professor at Oxford University and Great Britain’s director of the Royal Institution, expressed to a British newspaper that social media sites remind her of the way that “small babies need constant reassurance that they exist” and she is very concerned regarding the effects this sort of stimulation is rendering on the brains of us users. Dr. Greenfield (is a neuro-scientist and also a baroness sometimes referred to as Lady Greenfield) informed the Daily Mail: can be bad for  your body and your brain (Mackey, 2009)

Dr. Greenfield told the lords; according to Mr. Mackey that  real time conversation may in the future give way to what she calls sanitized and real screen dialogues, comparing them to the phasing  out of the old time way of skinning and dressing animals for meat, having them replaced by the conveniences of already packaged meats out of the supermarket’s coolers, stating that perhaps future generations will frown on three dimensional personal involvement of the messy, unpredictable, and immediate real time interaction of face to face, because they will have become programmed to Screen to screen interactions. (Mackey, 2009)

The case study at the beginning of the blog is an actual testimony of an internet/social media junkie, her primary concern with the unemployment rate the way it is, was what happens to an employee if they get carried away and wound up like the poor soul in the beforehand case study? Social Media on the job is fine, if that is your only job description; however if there are more responsibilities and before an employee knows it the day is done and their work is undone, my questions are steadily mounting since I am no longer a 9-5 gal, how does the addicted employee get through the day at a computer with access to Social Media and not get into critical care condition behind Social Media attacks.

I understand some companies encourage their employees to engage in Social Media, I know this is a must because of the growing use of Social Media in Internet Marketing; obviously someone has to maintain the Media sites whether they are B2B, or B2C. I believe all concerned will agree that some of us have a really big problem when it comes to getting involved on some of these Social Media sites.

During my employment with a Southern Telephone company back in the late 80 s; I was introduced to the computer doing office work, of course the software installed limited us to customer information only, it was by God’s mercies that Web 2.0 was not yet a thing for surely I would have no doubt fallen victim to the unemployment lines.

All day long accessing the computers, had web 2.0 been with us then; surely many employees would have fallen to the temptations of Social Media or gaming during those slow periods of the day; while trying to watch for the floor monitoring supervisors. I can see in my mind space a glimpse of some of us getting caught, written up, suspended, warned and eventually fired because of an  un-confessed addition to the Web.

Things are more relaxed these days with the popularity of Internet Marketing on the scene; many employees have the perhaps unlimited go ahead to unlimited Social Media access. There seems to be nothing wrong on the surface, but if a poll were taken of those same employees and they told the whole truth, many would admit they’d rather engage in Social Media than have face to face interactions with 3 dimensional (real time) people.

Where am I headed with all of this, certainly not against Social Media for I am one of the greatest fans of Social Media? Where I must head and park a while is at the realization that some businesses staff might be headed to ER (Emergency Reprogramming). Social Mediaitish. ( a new illness description) invented by me, though I am still looking for a better description, for those of us who just can’t help ourselves and get lost in time while engaged in social media. So employers watch the clock for us because we can’t.


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